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Jerry TARDIEU in Conference (by RAJ)

HAPPENINGS Jerry Tardieu in conference SPECIAL TO H-O. — It happened at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., last Tuesday evening, April 2, where Député (Congressman) Jerry Tardieu, representing the Pétion-Ville constituency in the Lower House of Parliament, spoke to a full house at the Fong Auditorium of Boylston Hall. The topic, “Haiti. After the 2010 Earthquake: A Country Still at the Crossroads,” was addressed with statistics showing how much the country has digressed in the last decade. However, going…

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Regarding the Michel Martelly phenomenon, the ball is in the people’s camp.

Regarding the Michel Martelly phenomenon, the ball is in the people’s camp. EDITORIAL After the humiliation suffered by former Haitian President Michel Mar- telly, whose stage name is Sweet Micky, the Haitian people must feel very concerned. Until the latest incident in Canada, the former president had not been reprimanded by officially authorized voices concerning his foul-smelling performances. However, the message from the Canadian authorities last week could not be any clearer. Following this public slap, it is time…

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Price Controls Put Americans’ Health At stake

Price Controls Put Americans’ Health At stake By Peter J. Pitts * CHRONIQUEUR INVITÉ/GUEST COLLUMNIST Scientists searching for cures to cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and other deadly illnesses may soon lose their funding, due to a misguided proposal from Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar. The proposal would gradually reduce Medicare’s reimbursement rate for advanced drugs administered in hospitals and doctor’s offices by 30 percent. Sec. Azar claims these price controls, “will save $17 billion in Medicare drug…

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