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Hapenings. Since it will be Sunday, probably people will be going to church

Hapenings by RAJ It’s happening on November 18, four days from now. Since it will be Sunday, probably people will be going to church. Isn’t that what most Christians do on Sunday ? But in Haiti, this Sunday will be totally different. Perhaps some Catholics will go to the Four o’clock Mass, if that tradition is still followed. Or, the pews may be less full because some congregants want extra sleep to be fully ready for the big day that…

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A first at the PHH 4th Annual Fundraiser

A first at the PHH 4th Annual Fundraiser by H-O HOWARD BEACH, N.Y. Promoting Health in Haiti (PHH) had a surprise for the guests at the 4th annual fundraising gala last October 25. Some students of the group of 19 who graduated with a Master of Science in Nursing last July were at the event. And one of them, Miriame Charles, gave the keynote address, speaking on behalf of all the Nurse Practitioners. In an accented English, well mastered,…

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HAPPENINGS ! It’s happening tomorrow : The annual Benefit for Promoting Health in Haiti (PHH) by RAJ Since the 2010 earthquake, this organization has been training nurse practitioners in Haiti in a program that’s unique in the Caribbean region. Each year PHH organizes a fundraising event to support the work. This year, the event will take place tomorrow, October 25, beginning at 6:30-7:30 pm with a cocktail hour and dinner at 7:30, at the Vetro’s Restaurant, 164l-49 Cross Bay…

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