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Trump’s 2016 vow to Haitians

Trump’s 2016 vow to Haitians That he’d be their champ Has just turned into tragedy This article by Raymond Joseph, was a Special to the New York Sun which published it on January 11, 2018, identifying the author as Ambassador Joseph, founding editor of the Haiti-Observateur and formerly Haiti’s envoy in Washington, is a contributing editor of the Sun. Flabbergasted was my reaction when I read about Haiti, El Sal vador and African lands being described with crude language by the President of the United States. Could that be true ? The…

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Haitian National Sentenced to 108 Months in Federal Prison for Conspiring to Launder Money Derived from Drug Trafficking Guy Philippe, a former high-ranking Haitian National Police officer was sentenced today in Miami, Florida, to 108 months in prison with an order for a money judgement in the amount of $1.5 million to follow.  Philippe previously pled guilty to a money laundering charge in connection with an international narcotics scheme. Benjamin G. Greenberg, Acting United States Attorney for the Southern…

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